The mission is in the name: BETTER PILOTS!

 After spending nearly a quarter century involved in aviation from private through airline flying, and over a decade of instruction, I started to become disappointed at the 'clutch-and-grab' attitude I saw in flight training. The buck was way more important than the student, and the training techniques were at least 20 years behind the state of the art offerings in the more advanced educational institutions.

  In many cases, there are almost no resources available to the pilot who wants to be DRAMATICALLY OVER PREPARED. But for the pilot who wants the fastest track to a piece of paper and doesn't care if they learn anything in the process, there is a flight school on every corner who will take your money.

  The excessive ego has no place in great education and I believe that since none of us is born with this information, it should be openly shared and the process should be fun. We aviators are a privileged bunch and I believe part of the gratitude I feel for this opportunity leads me to pass on the great tools and information I have come across while exploring this passion.

So developed the BETTERPILOTS project.

  The goal is to provide the best education anywhere for pilots wishing to fly in Canada, or obtain Canadian ratings or licenses.

  For my own peace of mind, I will only partner with individuals and institutions that place the pilot and their education as the top priority. While I do hope to earn a living at this, and also support the economic growth of the people and schools I partner with, I believe prosperity follows passion and integrity.

  The more great pilots I can help achieve their goals, the better the health of  the industry as a whole.

  BETTERPILOTS works both ways. The support and feedback from over 3000 pilots I have personally been involved in training is incorporated into each lesson, seminar, and flight test I conduct. We all get better as a result.

Take Air!

 Todd Pezer