Having first hand experience as an examiner and concerned pilot, I can say without reservation the following schools have provided top notch, pilot centered training and I am happy to recommend and work with them:

 COMPASS WEST AVIATION (CYYJ): Russ, Gord and Mike are some of the best guys around at taking care of  aspiring multi and IFR pilots. Having a 10,000 hour+ senior airline captain at the helm means the training is second to none. The care, and experience shown here should be the model that flight training is graded against. All multi training is in Beech Barons, and the REDBIRD sim they operate is used to full capacity as the pilots are not just trained to a test, but to the standards demanded by the best commercial operators. They have set the bar, and continuously raise it.

WWW.CompassWestAviation.com   or   1-250-516-7877

SEALANDAIR (CZBB, Richmond BC): Mike and Andrew have a passion for aviation that is uncommon and of great service to the pilots they have trained. They use innovative aircraft (diamond, full glass singles) as well as a beautiful DA42 diesel twinstar (with full G1000 suite) and the da42 NG sim to match. Andrews approach to individually crafting the IFR pilot is one I strongly believe in, and his results prove it. A more cohesive package of technology, training, and enthusiasm would be hard to find.

WWW.SEALANDAIR.CA   or  T: 604-940-6811

LANGLEY FLYING SCHOOL (CYNJ): Dave has a fantastic attitude toward flying and it is always reflected in his staff and students. If you are seeking the kind of hands on, small school, flight training that so many of us started our aviation path on, there is no-one I have ever seen that does this better. If you are tired of feeling like you are on a pilot assembly line, or simply prefer the personalized approach to your pursuit, do yourself a favor and talk to these people!